Types of human hair

There are various and different types of human hair that are out there. In this article, I will try to give you some guidelines on some of the best human hairs that are out there for black women. This is considering that most Kenyan women have a hard time whenever they are looking for the most ideal weave to take them through for some time. We cannot deny the fact that putting hair weaves has become part of the Kenyan woman. This is because it is easier to maintain and if properly done, your hairline will not be put under so much pressure, and you will have long and healthy hair even after you remove the hair extension.

There is nothing as bad as jumping out of the frying pan and getting right into the fire. The main reason as to why most African women will prefer good human hair on their head is probably due to the fact that the natural hair is subjected to so much pressure, it gets so tangly and really hard to comb. Most women will run after the weave, this is because it does not get tangly, often looks good and is easy to maintain. Imagine falling for human hair that does not give you the above, that is what I call jumping from the frying pan right into the fire. There is a variety of hair that works so well with black women and the good thing is that they are available and accessible to most people. Let us take a look at each one of them and what they all have to offer.

Indian hair


Indian hair is one of the best options that most black women have the opportunity of having as a hair extension. The best thing about this type of hair is the fact that it has a very good texture and looks quite natural. It becomes better if you get virgin Indian human hair. This hair gives you service until you forget to even buy another human hair extension.  The variety of styles that you get with Indian hair are numerous as you can get straight, wavy or even curly hair. This hair gives you so many options to choose from. Just to add on the benefits of the Indian hair is the fact that it blends quite well with your natural hair without subjecting your hair to any form of pressure.

If you are lucky to get virgin hair, then the better for you as you can use a heating iron to style the hair to whatever style you would want to and the hair will not be damaged. Indian human hair also happens to be quite unique and does not look anything like the cheap hair worn by some women. Indian human hair gives volume on your hair, it is quite bulky something that most women really like on their heads. Considering that Kenyans love hair that is quite bulky, Indian human hair is one that anyone should consider in case they are looking for something to try out. More to that, there are numerous options to choose from in the market which makes it one of the best due to the many varieties that are around.

Peruvian hair

6f0debde-64d7-4e46-91fa-03ed53babe78Peruvian hair happens to be one of the most sought after human hair by most black women. This accredited to the fact that that it has a multipurpose texture. There are so many textures to choose from ranging from relaxed, natural medium, coarse and so much more. There is so much to choose from Peruvian hair making it one of the best options for any day. In addition to that, Peruvian human hair is light weight such that when it is clipped on your hair, you don’t feel like you have anything unnatural. Wearing it makes you feel at ease as you don’t even notice that you have a hair extension.

The good thing with light weight human hair is that you can have a bulky extension which does not even prevent you from doing your day to day work. Peruvian hair has a luxurious feel and it looks natural on most people that wear it. One of the things that make this hair have such a look is due to the fact that it is virgin hair which makes it give any woman who wears it a natural look that is quite amazing. The silky look of the Peruvian human hair brings out a more daring look for black women; that is the reason as to why most Kenyan women prefer spending some good amount to get their hands on the human hair that will take them for some months before they can consider buying something new.


Malaysian Hair


Malaysian hair is also another option that Kenyan women can choose from, to begin with, if you land on virgin Malaysian hair the better for you. Every woman wants hair that catches the attention of the people who are around. The key thing that most women should focus on before they buy human hair is to know their hair type and the texture. Malaysian hair blends well with people who have sort of silky hair; it is the best hair extension for such individuals.

The advantages of getting the Malaysian hair are that it comes in many colors and textures to choose from depending on your taste and preference. This means that it covers black women in all the shades of their colors giving them a more natural look. With virgin Malaysian hair, you are guaranteed that you are getting the best for your hair especially due to the care that is taken when collecting virgin hair. Malaysian hair adds some volume to your hair making it look bulkier; it is actually the best way to add some volume to hair that is already damaged. It adds some bulk in a more natural way, considering that it comes in so many colors; it is very hard for people to know that you are having hair extensions.


Eurasian hair


As the name suggests, Eurasian human hair is derived from people who have a mixed decent of both Europeans and Asians. One of the advantages that you get with Eurasian hair is that you get hair that is silky and very thick. It is perfect for people who have relaxed hair and would want to have a hair extension. The good thing is that this hair is also lightweight which means that it does not give you so much pressure on your head while wearing it. Eurasian human hair is not as famous as Brazilian hair but you will be surprised that this hair is as good as what you get with its counterparts. It actually blends with most hair types meaning that once you wear it, no one will notice that you have anything foreign. Due to its texture, it does not cause a lot of pressure on your natural hair which means that even with Eurasian hair; your natural hair will be kept intact without any form of damage whatsoever.


Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is probably one of the most sought after human hair by most Kenyan women.  Brazilian hair has a thick texture which appears full and has a beautiful bounce. This is actually human hair that is built for most African women.  Brazilian human hair has a natural and bouncy like hair that looks so real and makes it hard for people to know that you are wearing a weave. It is the typical human hair for anyone looking for something that has something close to natural. You will be surprised to know that Brazilian hair is one of the most durable hairs than most of the human hair that are available. That is not all, it is one of the few human hair that can be treated and styled in a similar way that you would do with your natural hair. It thus gives women the freedom to treat their hair and have it like they would have their natural hair. This is something that is not common with most human hair that we have around. Most of them are prone to damages when subjected to high temperatures as well as other forms of pressure.



With regards to the above information, there are several options for natural hair that you can choose from, and I think that they are all good. The only thing that one ought to be cautious of is not to fall for fake hair which may be a total waste of money. Once you choose to buy human hair, you ought to know that it will cost you some good amount of money to have to have one on your head. It is thus important to do some research and find out the stores that sell legitimate and original hair. Without this, you may end up falling a victim of most of the fake items that have saturated the Kenyan market.

My Coke Fest 2009 update

Yep the time is drawing nearer for this year’s My Coke Fest 2009.

Not so long ago I did a bit of a negative posting on this year’s festival, which I still consider for good reason.
The line up for the 2009 Coke Fest lacks the oomf that last year’s amazing bands delivered.

What went wrong? Who was responsible for gathering up this year’s headline bands?

All I know is that Coca Cola is going to have to pull out some major stops to be a success.

When I think about the South African Coke Fest, I really have to exhale a rather teary sigh, as it always takes me back to 2006 when I was living in London and went to the Download metal festival.

Ok first off, I know that South Africa hasn’t got the ability to put together a music festival on the scale that international spots can….the money isn’t there and neither is the crowd support.

I have been waiting with baited breath for the release of the next big headlining name for Coke Fest and I really thought they would save the best till last….who would it be, Trivium, Devil Driver, Iron Maiden….no, no it turns out to be The red jumpsuit apparatus…red jumpsuit frigging WHAT?

Sorry guys but can you please help me understand this choice, are you on a budget? Did the other band choices contract a deadly disease and can’t make it?

Not 1, not 2….BUT 3 bloody emo bands on the headlining list.

Bullet for my valentine (who I have seen already and seriously weren’t anything amazing), Panic at the disco and now The red jumpsuit apparatus.

I honestly feel sick to my stomach.

What is Coke Fest going to give us that will satisfy the appetites of those who actually want to mosh?
Because let’s face it Snow Patrol and Oasis will NOT deliver in this regard.

Oasis is of course a rock band that is extremely well known and yes they have a handful of songs worth a damn, but I’m still mystified over their selection….and talking of budgets, these okes don’t come cheap.

Snow Patrol are cool and I enjoy their music when I’m chilling but they don’t help the rockers plight either.
As far as I know the line up isn’t complete and there will possibly be another big international band to be added to the list.

Who will it be? Roxette, Vanilla Ice…or maybe Ace of base??? Kill me now.

Just to punish myself I went onto the Download Festival site to see their line up….I know I shouldn’t compare as it’s not fair on local organizers…or for local moshers, but here take a lookie:

Slipknot, The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Dream Theatre, Korn, Motley Crue, ZZ Top, Whitesnake, Limpbizbit, Billy talent, Dragonforce, Killswitch engage….oh and just to top it off Devil Driver and Trivium.
*SOB SOB* it makes me wanna cry big ass drops of metal tears.

This just isn’t fair is it LOL.

Just bear in mind that Download is over the course of a weekend not just a single evening like My Coke Fest.
But yeah, I still haven’t bought a ticket for My Coke Fest 2009 and I highly doubt that I will be attending…so far it’s just not enough to suck me in.

Come on Coca Cola!! Make My Coke Fest 2009 GREAT.


Track Tops


Yes the cold fronts have started to poke at the soft, warm underbelly of the Western Cape and pretty soon the clouds will descend and let rip with that foul chilly weather that we all know so well. This is a trying season for all of the “fitness crew”. You know what it’s like, summer gets everybody out there training and the fitness season gives way to hot bodies and outdoor fun. Winter on the other hand gives way to multi-layered fashion and an excessive amount of biscuits. The evil of winter transforms all those with weak initiative into ripply fat chunkers!

The answer to this dilemma is to don some killer armour and defy the cold weather. It’s time for killer cool track tops!

While there are a million different companies all telling you that their track tops are the best and that you would be a fool to not buy their gear, only a few actually deliver on the full F3 description (Form, Fit and Function). Here are my top 2 choices for the season by two of the most well respected labels in the fitness industry, that being Nike and Adidas.

Ok, so Nike may be a commercial brand, but it seems to be dropping into an even more commercial bracket lately. Sure you know you are getting a product that takes many hours of design “know how” and the materials are all top notch, but where is the originality and the soul gone? I perused their site thinking I would find more of the same old “Nikesque” gear, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised with much of their latest range.

The track top I decided to feature is their Nike Flywire Windrunner Jacket. It comes both a black and white variant and is designed to make your fitness experience that much more comfortable and fashionable. The Flywire Windrunner Jacket has a slick design with cool bungee toggles and the “flywire” technology gives you a track top with enhanced anti-tear strength. While this design is mega cool I would only use it for training, while I know a few of my friends who think the wind runner, or windcheaters as we call them here in SA, is ok to wear around town…please understand they are a serious fashion DONT. They always remind me of the “Vaalies” who came down on holiday when I was a kid in the 80’s…goodness no, please make it stop. Even though the Nike Flywire Windrunner Jacket is the coolest slickest type I have probably ever seen, it still has its domain for use!

My second choice which comes from Adidas is without doubt my favourite track top for the season. Its bright has the F3 scale going for it and can also be used for casual wear…in fact I’d be too scared to stuff it up during training and would probably only get some use out of it when I was running around town with my buddies. The ADI Firebird has stolen my heart in one brain altering swoop!

Obviously this won’t be the track jacket for those who don’t want to be noticed. Yes its bright and full of vibrant colour, which means the more reserved runner would probably opt for a blander design or at least a more tormenting visual bombardment (such as my Nike choice). What I love about the ADI Firebird range is that it uses only 100% recycled polyester tricot, which means you are supporting the green movement by purchasing this item. I’m fully sold on the retro vibes of this track top and would love to get my hands on one…the search is on for a South African stockist who still has one.

So there we have it, my two top track top choices for winter 2010. Look cool and keep training!
There is no reason to stop the sport you love now, both of these super items will keep off that winter chill and insulate you to yeti levels.


design potential

Yep, I see potential in such abundance that it makes me smile from ear to ear.

In my previous blog I mentioned that there had been many submissions for the Down The Rabbit Hole theme competition. Not only were there lots of submissions, many of them had true design potential.
Out of the multitude of amazing up and coming design I have picked 3 that I feel should be given praise.

It’s not easy to simply single out 3 people above the rest, please understand that I truly sifted and weighed my options. All three were chosen for different reasons and spoke to me on different levels.

My first design choice comes from Stashme with her colourful and intricate design Belinda in Alice Land.

Just looking at this design raises my spirits! Every single one of her characters seems so unique and full of life. Its attention to detail that seems to be Stashme’s greatest strength. Well perhaps not the only strength. Just look at the vibrant colour and fine choice of t-shirt colour. I think that this design is overall powerfully executed artwork. Heck, Stashme has received positive comment after positive comment. We may even find that she could have a potential win on her hands. About the only drawback that can be found with this design is its overall length…it seems that it has been elongated too much and that if there was a way to compress the elements slightly and perhaps centre said elements, it would be a design of serious calibre.

This is why I consider this piece a good representation of design potential. All of the energy is there. It just needs a tad more focus. Boys and girls watch this space for more of Stashme’s brilliant design power. We could see a win from this artist very soon!

For my second design potential choice I have gone for a design that is pretty damn cool and has received some positive feedback, but unfortunately fell short on an anatomical level.

Wepener’s design Alice in Pinup Land is a rather sultry take on the more traditional view of Alice. This Alice is pretty grown up and making everyone in Wonderland chase her rather than the other way around.

It’s a great idea, the figure is unique and it is, for the most part, well balanced and polished. The anatomical glitch comes in with the female figures breasts. *Cough* yes I’m talking about the shape of her bosoms, which unfortunately turned out looking rather strange. It’s a pity because most people who commented on this design ended up chatting about her breast instead of the overall design. Negative comments lead to a lack of helpful feedback and of course lower scores. Wepener also submitted another rather raunchy design called Alice all grown up, which I feel is a much improved take on the female anatomy. Yep, it may be a bit of a dirty design, but not unprintable. Wepener may need to retrieve his mind from the gutter slightly! However he has design potential for future competitions. I look forward to his new submissions…as I’m sure most of the male community does as well lol!

My final choice for design potential, Wonderland’s Queen, could have easily been among with the front runners, if it hadn’t been for just one or two colour glitches. In my opinion the biggest fault lay in the representation of Alice’s face. This is what I wrote on the Springleap.com posting, “The face is lacking edge and is also obscured. The hair, certain portions of the roots and birds wings have a similar colour…which makes the face more difficult to pick up on. It’s a great design though, with mega potential.”

If you take a closer look at the design (perhaps go across to the Flickr or main Springleap.com page) you will begin to see what I mean about Wonderland’s Queen. Qimstudio is part of my design potential because he has already submitted so many designs that absolutely blow me away. He has also submitted another design for the Down The Rabbit Hole competition called Lonely Bird, which is drop dead gorgeous and part of my top 3 choices for the entire competition. All in all I think he submitted 3 designs in total for this latest theme competition. Which shows not only is he a great artist, but he also has the ability to make lots and lots of wicked designs on demand. This is most certainly the hallmark of a designer that can make it in this cutthroat industry. Rock on Qim!


Retro top choices

So another competition closes and another opens. The what you got? competition was a great success and our winner Sebasebi has added another amazing design to the collection. However now our voting focus shirts across to the next theme competition! It’s time to jump back in time boys and girls.
Here are my Retro top choices!

My first choice has to be Make $ome cash by our well known winner CHUCKY. This ode to the past captures the essence of those old propaganda saturated adverts that make mad people purchase stupid junk or buy into crazy ideologies. Remember those Uncle Sam-esque designs that told you how fun it would be to join the military. Gee gosh, you can play football all day and travel to exotic locations and dine on fine food and local girls…errr, that came out wrong! Well in any case this radically cool design really had to join my Retro top choices. Even though it’s a relatively simple design from CHUCKY, it is a styling concept that really works well for the theme!

The “Make $ome cash…sell a kidney” phrase really made me laugh because it has become a house hold expression these days when you need money. Just go sell a kidney right?

Ahhh you have to love black market humour ROFL!

My second choice comes from design master Mikdog who has come up with an 80’s gaming cartridge design called Mr. Bergie. This is one video game I wish they would turn into a reality, it would undoubtedly sell like hot cakes in SA. This design style seems a tad different that Mikdogs usual, however it’s always good to see an established Springleap.com designer trying new things, it shows that they have the ability to evolve and transform their style at a moments notice, which is probably one of the greatest hallmarks of a good designer! I really love the retro gaming style that Mikdog has gone with for this design. I’m sure the community are going to simply love it!

The last design on my Retro top choices goes to a rather bizarre little design by Kingslip, called I mean like WOAH. This reminds me of the crazy science fiction days of our grandparents, where tin foil hats and “ray guns” were the order of the day and the greatest threat to our planet where “little green men” from Mars. While science fiction may have changed hugely over the years, there is no denying our roots in this broad and wonderful genre. I mean like WOAH is one of those design that just makes you smile to yourself and shake your head at the madness of yesteryear.
I would be a happy puppy if I could get this design for my collection!

Well there we have it, my Retro top choices. I’m very interested to see who scoops the win on this one. There are a few other designs that I have my eye on, but atm these are the winners in my eyes.

Please cruise across to the voting page and show your favourite artist some love by adding your comments and votes.


past present and future

One of the most interesting aspects of the Battle of the Best competition is seeing how individual designers have grown in their artist talents.

I was astounded at how some of our older designers have improved in leaps and bounds, over a relatively small space of time.

Here is a look at 3 designers that I feel have grown in this latest them compo.

Ok so basically what I will do is have a past present and future look at each designer. Firstly we will take a look at their past winning design and then their present submission for the Battle of the Best. Finally I will do a little future write up of what I feel we can expect.

My first port of call is a designer that we all know very well on Springleap.com, DustyRich. This epic designer has become very well known for his high quality design and original character design. In fact I feel as if he is one of the true Springleap overlords atm, which is basically a designer who has been around since the beginning and has been delivering just as long.

I decide to use his Video Games Rock design as the example of his ‘past design’, because it is undoubtedly underlines the brilliant work we saw when he first started.

If you look at his most recent submission (present design) Live Fast Never Die, you will see the design aspects of character power that made us fall in love with his work to begin with. However, take a closer look. You can see just how much his designs have evolved. There is a boat load more detail in this design and the overall composition is on an entirely different level. I really take my hat off to DustyRich for his killer designs and rapid design evolution.

We expect big things from Dusty in the future, we hope that he will keep sending more amazing designs our way and continue to set the benchmark for the rest of the new designers. Go Go DustyRich!!!!

The next artist I have decided to feature in the past present and future is DeeDeeKid who hails all the way from Germany. This designer has really impressed me in this latest competition. While I am a fan of this dudes original winner, I am astounded at how cool his latest submission Soulsurfer turned out! DeeDeeKid originally won with the styling design Here Comes Trouble. It was a winning design because it had originality, retro vibes as well as a slick character style. In his present selection Soulsurfer has transcended to a whole new level of WOW by creating an undead surfer that has such personality, that you just wish you could jump into the design and be his friend. Overall I feel that this design is also much more “finished”. Here Comes Trouble almost gave off a feeling that it was incomplete. However, Soulsurfer is perfect in every way…colour, style, composition…everything!

The future is definitely going to be huge for this designer. As long as DeeDeeKid can keep producing work like this he will always be a firm favourite with us here on Springleap. As far as the Battle of the Best goes, I’m having a strange “spider sense” that this design may end up in the top 3…heck, maybe it will even walk away with the win, seriously!

My last choice comes from a designer that I am ashamed to say I greatly underestimated. Sebasebi is a designer that came out of nowhere to win our Enviro Mental theme competition. I’m not complaining, it’s a great design. However, I was still not satisfied with the design and thought he was capable of much, much more. That wish for an even better design came true when I saw Sebasebi’s latest submission Mr. Cosmos.

To put it mildly THIS DESIGN IS AMAZING! While I have a few “feelings” about who will win, I have to say that Mr. Cosmos is my top choice for the community vote. Just look at this design, it’s in a completely different league compared to his past designs. The detail and slick use of colour really brings this design to professional levels.

As far as the future goes I must say I’m rather nervous in this case. What I mean by this is that Sebasebi has done such an immaculate job of bringing this design to life that it will be a struggle to top it. While his past submissions have been averagely good, this design is like an atomic rebirth of design. My fingers and toes are crossed that his next design is of the same calibre. I don’t mean to put pressure on Sebasebi, but rather hope to stoke the fire that has produced this simply breath taking design submission.

I can’t believe how these designers have grown. Are there any designers from the Battle of the Best that you feel I should have added to my past present and future selection? I’m sure you all have your favourites in this regard.


Open theme Top Choices

Groovy news! Many of you may have already seen the voting has opened for our next Open theme competition on Springleap. Those of you who have, as yet, not checked out the really great new set of designs are in for a serious treat, prepare yourselves!

Here are my Open theme Top Choices for the end of May!

Yep it seems that every single one of my Open theme Top Choices are indeed from well established designers here on Springleap. Which I suppose isn’t really surprising considering their level of design might. Usually I have a little bit of doubt that none of my top choices will be winners. However in this competitions case, I am almost 100% certain that 1 of them will walk away with top prize. I mean just look at this flurry of spectacular designs.

First up we have Cash who we all know and love for his stunning winning designs Spring Bottle and, my personal favourite, Happyland. This time around Cash brings us a design called China Town, which is simply bursting with character power and close attention to detail…which seems to be one of Cash major designs strong points.

The character walking down the street just looks so happy and totally serene in relation to his surroundings. There is so much vibrancy in this design and even though there is a limited colour selection it actually works very well in the designs favour.

There is a strong chance Cash has the win in the bag with this brilliantly conceptualized and seamlessly executed design!

Next up we have the undeniably talented designer Snargo. One of my absolute favourite t-shirt designs ever to appear on Springleap has to be the manga-rific design What?, which comes from this top notch designer. Once again Snargo’s Japanese influenced style leaps out at us in a full force design barrage of “awesomness”, which is simply too cool to deny. Snargo’s Thats got to hurt is here to kick your design sensors into overdrive!

First off, the character on the design looks just like a chibi (kiddie/young) version of Chun-Li from Street Fighter. So yeah, instantly, I love it BIG TIME!

Hmmm, ok so this design may be a tad bit more gory than what we usually see on Springleap, but hey, every now and then I feel that you need to take a walk on the wild side of design and blur the boundary between acceptable and downright impossibly unacceptable.

This design really speaks to me and I just had to give it a big fat 5.

Truly, I do love all 3 of my Open theme Top Choices very much. However, if I had to pick an absolute favourite…this would probably be it.

Great work Snargo, you kick ass sir!

Ok, last but certainly not least is the amazing designer who won our Down the Rabbit Hole competition not so long ago. That is correct boys and girls, Nicetomeetyou is back and with a seriously amazing design that will rock your world!

Ready to Rumble takes cartoon elements and mixes it with a sprinkling of funk and a boot-kicking of rock ‘n roll, to make a design that is modern yet ready to stalk prey in the darkest reaches of the most deadly jungle. The character reminds me so much of the Simpson style characters that we all know and love. In fact you can just picture Bart’s head underneath that Ghetto Blaster waving those weapons around…haha, we know what a savage he is!

There is no doubt that there is going to be a serious design battle for the top spot this month. In fact it’s one of those months where you wish we had more than winner at a time…sheesh!

Honestly if any one of these designs wins I will be happy as all heck!

Do you have your own selection to add to my Open theme Top Choices for the month?